Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Announcing our wedding!!

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Wean

January 16th 2009

Joel and I with my family

Me with Heidi and Hallie,
my neices and Babz models.

Joel and I with Pastor Santos
from Nava Mexico

The Dorcas House Ministry and Babz Girls
I am so thankful for almost 4 years of sewing with my dear sisters in Christ in Nava, Mexico. It is with sadness that I close the Babz Girls sewing Ministry, but I'm so grateful for the time we had. Praise the Lord, the Dorcas House (where the Babz Girls clothes are made), has been a tremendous outreach for several reasons. The Lord has worked in my heart in many ways and has taught me so much. I believe this has helped deal with the pain after the loss of my dear sister Shelby (Babz), although the pain will always be there, being busy sure helps! Many lives in Mexico have been touched! While encouraging these dear Sisters in the Lord and being an example to others the Dorcas House and Babz ministry has also helped provide financially for several precious families. It has also greatly improved the sewing skills for several ladies, they have come a long ways! Needs in the USA have been met! The Dorcas House has provided beautiful modest clothing for grateful families on the north side of the border. Although small, the Dorcas house was in high demand with appropriate clothing being so hard to find elsewhere.

The Number One Vision and the original plan for the Dorcas House~
Although the Dorcas House is in a way changing directions, we hope that the number one vision can continue to be reached. This vision is that the Dorcas House would be used as an effective tool for Christ. While offering jobs or the teaching of a skill, the Dorcas House provides opportunities to share the Lord and His love through prayer, encouragement and Bible teachings.

The new plan~
Sister Leti has been my right hand and my most faithful seamstress for almost 3 years now. She has come a long ways in her sewing skills and is a quick learner. Her greatest attribute is her heart for the Lord Jesus Christ. She is continually sharing Jesus with the public and encouraging her sisters in the Lord while at work in the Dorcas House. Through the years I worked hard to be able to understand her 90mph Spanish, believe me, she gets a lot said! I have come to love Leti and her family and am so grateful for the time I have had working with her. It is our prayer and desire that Leti can continue her work in the Dorcas House. We would like to raise support for her ministry to the people in Nava. With her working around 4 hours a day in the Dorcas House Tue-Sat, this gives her time to care for her family and church ministries that she is involved in as well. (Leti's House is just across the dirt road from the Dorcas House and 1 ½ blocks from the church.) Our hope is for Leti to teach girls of all ages sewing skills while spending time with them in God's Word as well. We desire and pray that many girls would come to enjoy sewing and most importantly have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Many of the girls in Mexico have an illegitimate child or are living with a guy by the age of 15. We believe that many of the young people get bored, depressed, or just have a hopeless feeling seeing no meaning to life. This leads to trouble and thus the cycle continues throughout the generations. We pray that the Lord would use Leti to work in the hearts of young girls and adults as well. At the same time these girls can be learning a valuable trade.
Leti is a very precious lady and has been an incredible asset to the Babz sewing ministry. In turn, she has been able to profit as well by the money she has made sewing the clothing I sell to you. The money she made working with me aided her family with very basic needs such as food, clothes, electric bill, schooling ect. Her husband does have a job, but makes very little and work can be sporadic at times. For her to continue her work in the Dorcas House it will take around $200.00 a month. Please prayfully consider whether the Lord would have support Leti and her work.
For more information about Only a Servant Ministries and the Dorcas House please go to the web site at

Sister Leti and Me

Carmen, Loura, me, Leti, Leti, Lucy and Fini
Sisters from the Juan 3:16 Church
working in the Dorcas House

Monday, February 16, 2009

Winter Skirts

Black Corduroy Skirt


Icy Blue Skirts


Please scroll down the page to see pictures of the following items

Mem Dresses
Brown/Pink Sizes 10

Blue/Brown SOLD

Green/Pink Size 6

All Sizes SOLD

Dragonfly Jumpers


Hot Cocoa Skirts

Browns w/Orange/Green trim Sizes 12 & 14
Browns w/Purple trim Size 16
Sizes 12, 14, & 16 $20.00

Brighter Winter Skirts

Yellow w/pink trim Size 14

Yellow w/green trim SOLD

Blue w/green trim SOLD

Size 14 $20.00

Spring Dress


Cotton Candy Skirt

Size 16


Brown Embroidered Skirt


The sizes listed above are all we have left in these items,
(Please disregard prices and sizes listed around pictures below.)
Please scroll down to see pictures of the clothing.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Costumes and Jumpers

The Mem dresses are back!

Brown Jacket with Pink Skirt
Size Price
3/4 & 5/6 $30.00
7 & 8 $35.00
10 & 12 $40.00
Sizes 3/4, 7, & 8 Sold

Jacket and Skirt only
(Chemise not available)

Blue Jacket with Brown Skirt

Size Price
3/4 & 5/6 $30.00
7 & 8 $35.00
10 & 12 $40.00
Size 12 Sold

Green Jacket with Brown Skirt
Size Price
3/4& 5/6 $30.00
7 & 8 $35.00
10 & 12 $40.00
(Sizes 4 & 8 have matching green
border on skirt instead of pink)
Sizes 3/4, 5/6, & 8 Sold

Dragonfly Jumpers

Adorable Jumpers
Available in sizes 2, 4, & 6

Unique patchwork throughout
skirt and bodice

Long with double ruffle
on the bottom

Ties at mid back

and elastic at the waist

Sizes 2, 4, & 6


Winter Skirts

Hot Cocoa Skirts

These unique skirts are layered
with three shades of corduroy and
trimmed with two prints

Purple with Turqouise
Available in Sizes
2, 4, 8, 10, 12, 14, & 16
Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, & 16 Sold out

Orange and Green
Available in Sizes
2, 6, 8, 10, 12 ,14, & 16
Sizes 4, 6, 8, & 10 Sold out

Size Price
2 & 4 $24.00

6 & 8 $28.00
10 & 12 $32.00
14 & 16 $36.00

Chocolate Patches

These layered corduroy skirts
are unique and fun!

Great for Fall and Winter.
Made from our fall
leftover fabrics!
Three shades of corduroy
with butterfly and dragonfly
fabric for the trim.


2 & 4 $22.00
6 & 8 $25.00
10 & 12 $28.00
14 $30.00

Brighter Winter Skirts

Bright corduroy layered skirts
trimmed with plaids and butterflies

Yellow corduroy with pink plaid available in sizes
2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, & 16
Sizes 4, 8, 10, & 16 Sold out

Also, not pictured, yellow corduroy with green plaid
available in sizes
2, 6, 8, 10, & 12
Sizes 4, 6, 8, & 12 Sold out

Blue Corduroy
Size 6

Pink plaid with yellow trim
Available in sizes 2, 4, 6, & 8
Sizes 4 & 6 Sold out

Prices for Brighter Winter Skirts
Size Price
2 & 4 $22.00
6 & 8 $25.00
10 & 12 $28.00
14 & 16 $32.00

When ordering please specify which
Brighter Winter Skirt color
Yellow with pink plaid
Yellow with green plaid
Blue with green plaid
Pink plaid with yellow

Monday, August 25, 2008


We're clearing out the old!
Take advantage of these great prices
for some great clothing. It all needs to go!
(Scroll down to Clearance Summer
Skirts and jumpers for even more savings!)

Prairie Flowers

Prairie Flowers

Prairie Flowers

Smocked Dresses
Size 2 $30.00 Size 12 $40.00
Size 6 $35.00
These beautiful dresses are hand smocked!
(For more info & pictures please scroll down to Spring Dresss)

Cotton Candy Skirts
Size 2 $10.00
Size 6 $12.00
Size 16 $18.00
Pair these soft Corduroy skirts with a turtleneck
or a fun sweater to make them great for winter.

(For more info and pictures please scroll down to
Cotton Candy Skirts.)

Ocean Blues Skirts and Jumpers

Sizes 8 & 10 $22.00
Size 12 $24.00

Sizes 2 & 6 $18.00

Black Embroidered Skirt
Size 12 $15.00

Country Buttons
Size 2 $15.00

Joy Skirt
Size 4 $18.00
Grab the last of these adorable skirts!



Stripes skirt size 8 $20.00

Calico Play size 2 $10.00


School Days Jumper
Size 12 $15.00


Summer Jumpers
Green and black print sizes 2 & 4 $10.00
Pink and white print size 2 $10.00

Summer Skirts
Green 6 $10.00
Pink 6 $10.00
(Please scroll down to Summer Skirts for measurements
and more info on these skirts.)

Denim and green plaid skirt size 4
$7.00 20" waist 20" length

Layered blue and white floral skirt
Size 2/3 $6.00

Green crinkled skirt
Size 6 $6.00